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  • My Little Farmies – Browser Farm Game Fun, play for free!

    A superior tycoon game awaits you in My Little Farmies. This browser game you can even play for free! This farm simulation has everything what a village community in the Medieval times had: A mill, a carpenter, and much more.

    This farming game is about setting up a lucrative production chain. Plant wheat on your fields, grain it into flour and use that for baking bread in your bakery. My Little Farmies is a village game with diverse features and beautiful graphics. You create husbandry with all of its facets: from growing vegetables to livestock breeding. There you’ll encounter traditional farm animals like the Mangalitsa pig or the white silkie chicken.

    Create blooming countrysides in My Little Farmies – it is one of the most beautiful online games of all times, play it for free now!
  • The history behind the tycoon game My Little Farmies

    Everything starts with planning a wedding within the village community of My Little Farmies. For that you should produce bread, cakes, and wine in your browser game. Get ready now on your medieval farm and start sowing. Suitable for a true farm simulation you can also do animal husbandry. Chickens provide you with eggs and cows deliver milk which you can further process to whip cream in your dairy.

    Breed grapes and let them be turned into classy wine in your winery. That way a diverse farming simulation is created in My Little Farmies. Soon customers will visit the village game and want to buy products. Start your production chain now to make the very best of this tycoon game.

    Experience the fascinating world of this farming game with medieval setting – without download!
  • What is My Little Farmies?

    My Little Farmies promises an extraordinary browser game experience for all players. And what’s best: it is a free PC farming game! You’ll create your own farm and design a whole village according to your own style. Where shall the enclosures for your farm animals be located? Where will you offer your products to your customers? You decide the life on your farm.

    In this Tycoon game you can even decide whom you want to sell which products. Does the wholesaler offer you the biggest sum of money or is it the traveling salesman? The fact that this farming simulation is located in a medieval setting gives My Little Farmies a special charm. Bakers, tailors, and winegrowers in this online game are lovingly animated. Your animals also flap their wings or roll around in their enclosures.

    My Little Farmies offers you pure farming fun with its numerous features and functions! Play for free!
  • My Little Farmies – the features of the village game

    This entertaining Tycoon game has lots of additional features and functions. The higher your level in this farming life game, the more game options are available to you. For example, there are special regions in this farming simulator where very special plants grow. You can also found a guild and sell your goods far and wide. In tower construction competitions, you compete with other players for valuable prizes.

    MyLittleFarmies is THE best farm game for PC for Tycoon game fans. It has numerous production buildings, a wide variety of farm animals and probably the most beautiful graphics. The animations of the workers in this free PC farming game are rich in detail, as are the movements of the farm animals. Free PC farming game fun in a medieval setting - this is how you could briefly describe this free browser game.

    Discover the fascinating world of farming life games with My Little Farmies now and play for free!
  • My Little Farmies - Gamer fun for every day

    This online game differs from other browser games. Of course you can also play My Free Farm, Farmerama or other browser games online for free. However, only in My Little Farmies you can experience farm life like it was in Medieval times. Many online games are located in this era, however, here you have one of only a few farming life games which is also a cozy game.

    As a free to play PC farm game, it offers you fun in everyday life (and maybe even at work) without having to spend money on anything. Play this free farming life online PC game together with friends and other farmer fans and enjoy the virtual country air. You have a wide range of features when harvesting vegetables or caring for your farm animals. Are you already a player of My Free Farm 2 or one of the other upjers free farm online PC games? Then let yourself also be enchanted by My Little Farmies!
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