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My Little Farmies – rural idyll

Millions of people worldwide enjoy playing farm games online. With My Little Farmies, a game that is both rich in details as well as beautifully designed, joins the ranks of the many farm games available today. Avatars in medieval attire bustle about the beautiful rural scenario that abounds with detailed graphics.

My Little Farmies

Colorful village life

Make your estate a paradise on earth by equipping it with wonderful decorations and beautiful plants and thus attract more customers!

The traveling salesman

From time to time travelers will visit your estate and offer profitable contracts. Hurry, as they won´t stay for long!

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Goose in My Little Farmies

Hire servants!

With increasing size, your farm needs more attention. Get support and hire workers in the servants´ house, who will help you feed your animals or increase the production of your manufactories. You may hire apprentices or assistants. While apprentices are content with a payment in thalers, the experienced assistants demand gold but in turn will work faster.

Hustle and bustle on the farm

While playing farm games online, you will plant fruit and vegetables, feed animals, and sell the goods produced by them such as eggs and milk. In My Little Farmies, there is much more to take care of though: here, you turn a small hamlet into a large estate with a medieval touch. Weave wool to fine fabrics, churn milk to butter, bake bread and cake using the flour produced in your mill, and prepare potato stew in your kitchen. You will squeeze sweet juices, press wine, and aside from agriculture, also specialize in forestry. Using your trees’ wood, you saw planks and turn them to barrels and furniture. Your goods can be sold in plain or luxury market stalls or directly to the customers roaming around your farm.

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