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My Little Farmies – go rural!

Dive into the nostalgic and idyllic rural life of former times with My Little Farmies. Grow crops, mill grains to flour, prepare top-quality soups, press delicious fruit juices, and make your very own wine. Build workshops and craft beautiful furniture and much more. Enjoy the varied and colorful life on your farm. Play for free!

My Little Farmies

Rapid growth

Plants and young animals take their time to grow up. Click the pins that appear to speed up their progress!

Well-stacked with wood!

Plant trees to gather wood and process it to boards in you sawmill. Craft furniture and barrels at you carpentry with them.

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Goose in My Little Farmies

Daily prizes with card-pieces

My Little Farmies –- one of the liveliest farm games worldwide – enables you to get valuable and special items by collecting card-pieces on a daily base. Every day, you may open a free booster pack and collect card-pieces. Visiting friends is another useful task. Help friends on their estates and collect card-pieces to earn great decorations and animals without spending a single thaler.

Vanquish boredom!

Farm games are defined by their easy gameplay: plant, harvest, feed your animals and sell the resulting products at the best prices. My Little Farmies has more to offer aside from this, however. The game offers you numerous ways of processing your resources. Apples and plums are turned to tasty juice first, before you may press them to wine. Or how about preparing gorgeous soups in your kitchen, baking bread with the flour you milled after harvesting your own grains, and sewing warm jackets using your homespun wool? Enjoy rural life!

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Discover farm games for free

Games-creator upjers lets you discover a variety of games revolving around farms, animals, plants, flowers and gardens. Here you can play for free right away. Become molehill emperor, cultivate flowers, feed and groom animals in the zoo or manage different farms.

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