The farmer game My Little Farmies

The varied farmer game My Little Farmies!

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My Little Farmies – the ultimate farmer game

Golden fields of wheat shining in the sun, hay supplies for winter-time dries on the fields, smoke rises up from the bakery, while the kitchen emits a distinct scent of freshly cooked pumpkin soup: that´s the idyllic life My Little Farmies welcomes you to. Build your own village in this fascinating farm simulation, tend to your animals, plant grain and produce bread, plum juice and wool.

My Little Farmies

Customers with thought bubbles

Customers with thought bubbles above their heads demand being served in person. They pay with thalers and earn you points in addition.

The traveling salesman

Traveling salesmen offer you profitable contracts but demand large quantities of goods. Fulfill their contracts before they leave!

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Goose in My Little Farmies

Money makes the world go round

To build a functioning and lively village, there is one thing you especially rely on: thalers, the currency in the farmer game. You can earn thalers in many different ways. Most of your thalers are earned by selling your goods. However, you may also earn thalers by completing quests, leveling up or gaining achievements. Additionally, you can find money cards in your daily booster.

Hire servants!

The further you progress in the farmer game My Little Farmies, the bigger you farm gets and the more work is waiting for you. It´s advisable therefore to build a servants´ house to hire servants, who will help you with your daily chores. They can help in many different ways on your farm and tend to your animals or increase the production of your workshops and manufactories for example. The best thing about them: they even will take care of some of the chores in your absence. You´ll be hiring servants for seven days, and needless to say, they expect to be paid. While apprentices are content with a payment in thalers, the experienced assistants demand gold but work faster in exchange.

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Build your own village with Upjers

The exciting and interesting world of browser games Bamberg-based developer and publisher Upjers if teeming with entertainment. From farmer game to colorful animal games or action-packed adventure, everyone can discover their favorite gaming world here.

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