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Build your own estate!

You start off small in My Little Farmies, an outstanding game ranking among the genre of farmer games. A few fields and a small storage house in a green meadow: that´s all you start out with and end up turning into a prospering agricultural village with your green thumb and skilled handicraft. Let´s get started, plant rye, build a flour mill and produce flour!

My Little Farmies

Gifted friends!

Farmer games, too, can be played alongside your friends. Give presents to your friends when leveling up and help them on their farms!

Small and big tasks

Aside from small tasks which are fulfilled easily, there are also bigger challenges, requiring diligence, which will however gain you fantastic rewards in exchange.

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Goose in My Little Farmies

From chick to proud rooster

In pens, you will raise young animals to adults. You may sell these adult animals or let them produce goods which can once again be sold or processed. Placing a manger in your pen will make your baby animals grow faster. Animals start at level 1. You may increase their level by breeding and thus reduce the time your adult animals take to produce goods.

My Little Farmies – diverse features

In the colorful world of farmer games, your little village is refreshingly different and rich in details. Plant a variety of different grains, fruits and vegetables, sell them or process them in your manufactures. Build a flour mill and a bakery and bake delicious bread. Squeeze plum juice, prepare steaming pumpkin soup in your kitchen and churn butter in your dairy. You´ll weave wool to fine fabrics and sew warming jackets from it. You can even become a carpenter and produce barrels and furniture from oak planks you made in your own sawmill from trees you grew in your forestry.

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The exciting world of browser games made by Bamberg-based developer and publisher Upjers is swarming with entertaining free-time fun. From farmer games to colorful animal games and action-packed adventure: everyone will find their favorite free game world here.

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