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The colorful farm simulation My Little Farmies!

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My Little Farmies – experience construction games online!

Create a small agricultural village in a medieval setting and discover an extraordinary farm game experience. Cultivate your fields, raise animals and breed them. Process your products and manufacture valuable goods like woolen jackets, furniture or juice and wine. Sell your natural products to customers roaming your farm.

My Little Farmies

Complete small tasks!

Keep completing minor tasks, which help you progress in the game and earn you valuable rewards such as points and thalers.

Serve regular customers!

True regulars with thought-bubbles roam the paths and demand being served in person. They pay well, so take care of them!

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Goose in My Little Farmies

Beautify your village!

To enjoy the daily life in a quaint rural village you need decorative plants, shadow-spending trees, benches, wells and much more. Of course the shop offers you all of that and you can decorate your fields, pens and workshops in your gorgeous little village with a variety of lovely details. As is common in tycoon games, offering your customers a beautifully shaped village will make your customers arrive in droves.

Breed happy farm animals!

Cultivating your fields with crops, apples, plums, potatoes and cabbage is not the only important task in the online tycoon games hit My Little Farmies; here, you can also tend to your farm animals, raise and even breed them. To do so, you need to build a pen and a barn and of course place a male and a female animal in the pen. Breeding enables you to get higher-level animals that produce faster. Using fertility feed increases your chances of breeding higher-level livestock. The more you tend to your animals, the faster they will grow up and the higher your chance to receive bonus goods.

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