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My Little Farmies – Create your own big estate

In My Little Farmies, an exceptional and entertaining game of the genre simulation games, you create an agricultural village community and show how well you can manage an estate. Set up fields and cultivate rye, cabbage and pumpkins, raise animals and turn your yield to a variety of secondary goods in the bakery, weaving mill and kitchen.

My Little Farmies

Decorate your estate!

The more decorations such as bushes, hedges and wells you place, the more customers will visit your village, wanting to buy your goods.

Collect friendship stars

Find friends in My Little Farmies and help each other. Collect friendship stars and trade them for bonus cards.

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Goose in My Little Farmies

Upgrade your buildings!

Aside from enabling you to construct buildings, the simulation games hit that revolves entirely around rural life in the Middle Ages also lets you upgrade them. By expanding your warehouse, you gain further space for your goods, whereas upgrading your servants’ house enables you to hire additional workers. Upgrading your manufactories offers a number of benefits: it lets you increase the amount of production slots, the amount of goods you can process and employ further workers.

Create an artisans’ quarter

Simulation games should at least attempt to reflect reality, without of course being as complex as real life. My Little Farmies offers complexity while being easy to operate and without having to grasp a complicated chain of features. Here is an example: raising sheep will gain you wool on a regular basis. The wool can be turned to fabric in the weaving mill and sewn to warm and comfy jackets in the tailor shop, which you can then sell to you customers for good prices. Of course you may also sell your primary product wool or the fabric to your customers, but processed goods will gain your farm even more thalers.

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Fresh country air with Upjers

Breathe in fresh country air in a farm game or in your very own virtual garden, create a turbulent theme park or manage a crazy hospital – simulation games are the specialty of Bamberg-based browser games developer upjers. Discover the colorful gaming world for free and without a download.

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