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The medieval farm game My Little Farmies!

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Dive into a colorful rural life!

Construction games are a favorite in the world of online games. With My Little Farmies, you will discover an extraordinary representative of this genre and build your own little, medieval, agricultural village. Grow crops and fruit, process them to sweet-smelling bread, tasty grape juice and pumpkin soup, and sell your fresh goods to customers visiting you village.

My Little Farmies

Get booster cards daily

Get booster-cards in the game on a daily base and secure yourself rewards and cool items without having to spend thalers.

Swap cards with friends!

Swap booster card-pieces with friends and earn great decorations, additional animals and special items in this construction games hit.

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Goose in My Little Farmies

Breed cute animals!

Any good country estate needs animals. Tend to your rabbits, chicken, goose, sheep, pigs and cows, and sell their products or process the wool to e.g. warm jackets. Upgrade your animals’ pens and equip them with troughs. That way, your cattle will feel right as rain in the teeming farm world. Add a barn to the pens and you can even breed baby animals!

Medieval estate idyll

Villagers bustle about in their workshops, farm visitors roam the paths and farm animals make contented sounds. Come to a medieval tycoon games world revolving around traditional agriculture and build a blooming estate with flour mill, bakery, sawmill and carpenter, weaving mill and tailor shop. Produce commodities, ranging from bread to butter up to a farmer’s table and sell them to the customers roaming your estate. This extraordinary game – belonging to the genre of tycoon games – shows its colorfulness and variety and takes you on a trip through time.

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Go rural with Upjers

Bamberg-based browser games developer upjers takes you to the countryside, to dark dungeons and magical worlds for free whenever and wherever you want. These tycoon games are playable for free without downloads in your browser and delight millions of people in the entire world.

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