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The fun farm game My Little Farmies!

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My Little Farmies – colorful rural life

You think you already played all the farm games out there and they are all the same? Time to give My Little Farmies a try, an idyllic medieval village community, which you raise to a flourishing town by cultivating agricultural goods and processing your yield. Play for free lead your village to success as capable landowner!

My Little Farmies

Upgrade your farm!

No more space available? Increase the size of your farm step by step with thalers and make space for more fields, manufactories, and decorations!

More points with quests

During the course of the game, you will receive small tasks asking you to build or plant something, for instance. Solve them and gain additional experience points.

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Goose in My Little Farmies

Booster cards

The card game is a unique feature of My Little Farmies. Play for free every day and pick up your daily booster offering you rewards such as Money, card-pieces of special decorations. Collecting card-pieces enables you to get valuable cards, which are otherwise only available for gold bars. Aside from booster packs, card-pieces can be collected by visiting friends or swapped.

Agriculture and husbandry

What would the rural life be without animals? Of course it wouldn´t be half as good. Aside from agriculture and processing grains and fruit, My Little Farmies lets you raise animals and even breed them. Your animals live in spacious pens that can be upgraded by equipping them with feeding and watering troughs. Build a barn in a pen housing two adult animals and start breeding by clicking the heart icon. Choose a male and a female animal, as otherwise you won’t be able to start the breeding. It will take a while for the baby animal to be born. Name it and place it in a pen! Play for free and breed cute animal babies!

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Play for free with Upjers

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